Life has taken a unique turn with Covid-19. We're mostly in lockdown and trying our best to extinguish this virus by not being out and about to catch or spread it. So what is everyone doing at home? Watching a lot of tv, taking on new projects, getting back to simpler routines, focusing on yourself, etc. There are hardships many of us must face during this time, and I hope everyone is able to reach out for help and support where needed, because we all deserve to be cared for, and we all should help each other. And for those on the front lines, I salute you. You guys and gals are the heroes we need. Thank you for being out there waging war against the spore.

So while jobs have been lost, and futures made uncertain, I still find myself coming back to Grain, at the very least, as a ways to express my creativity. Grain is symbolic of being alone and taking on the challenges that life faces. But it's also about discovering our passions, and power. For empowerment is what's needed in the face of adversity. Grain helps me to learn more about myself through my past and present experiences. It also hints at the person I wish to be, and the things I want to do (not travel the cosmos in a bubble, though that would be cool, and maybe we're already doing that). 

Writing Grain is like writing something that keeps giving back. It gives me more avenues to write new stories where I can explore Grain's life and world. What a rich and fantastic world it is. I'm in the zone where Grain is writing itself. As a character so young, he's not quite untainted, but he has got the mentality to be the best of us. The best at being considerate, kind, welcoming, thoughtful, generous, and happy. It's inherent in children, but not always prevalent as we get older. So my stories tend to be introspective at times. And with the isolation aspect of quarantine, we have time to better ourselves, perhaps emerge renewed once the world starts turning again. Maybe do things differently, think differently, and project positively. That's part of my goal anyway, has been for many years now. But don't think for a second that Grain is all sandy beaches and sunshine. He'll have his fair share of that, but he has to grow older, travel further distances, and enter new timelines, much like ourselves. We have a journey of varying proportions and we can control certain outcomes. Stay safe and healthy.

-- Mark

Grain Issue #1 Available In Print & Digital