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Happy Labor Day Everyone! Please tell me your feet are up with beverage of choice in hand as the oasis of your living room, kitchen or bedroom provide various forms of sustenance.

I googled the meaning of Labour Day and here is an explanation with historical context:

"Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country".

That means all of us, despite various environmental and pandemic conditions. Everyone is working hard, and spending less time with family, friends, and doing what they love. So please take the time to relax today, and give yourself some well earned respect. You certainly deserve it! I suppose I should take my own advice too, so after this I'll sign off.

Speaking of work, I can say that though no new product has come out of late, I am still working hard to sell Grain's first print run. Being an independent publisher means I do much of the creating of the comic book and marketing/selling too. The first print of Grain selling before I release issue #2 is an important goal because:

A) Bragging rights! Really though, selling out means I can put the profits back into the business and hopefully keep doing what I love. 

B) Selling all copies means I can go to a second print with a special collector's edition cover plus additional new content. The cover I have in mind is incredible and might have only been conceived in my mind in hindsight. I really want to have the artwork begin on that. Depending on demand, it could be a rarity in comparison to issue one of my print run. Doing my best to make that happen!

I have had friends, family and customers purchase multiple copies to give away (thank you so much everyone) so if you know anyone who would enjoy such a read, please get in touch with me @bamzappop on social media or just head over to to shop (I also provide hefty bulk discounts which can be discussed). Of course, I am also working hard on marketing BamZap and Grain, so in the coming months you might see some interesting buzz over the digital landscape.

And now onto my latest interview! This was a fun time talking about Grain. I had a few audio issues on my end so if you find yourself in a quick second or two of dead air, that's my wifi acting up. The great folks at Sunday Funnies by Indie Volt have a good web presence, and their radio show has approx 49000 listeners! I'm getting more comfortable with these recordings and promise to be on camera the next time I do it.

Here is the link. I will be speaking approximately at 12:00 to 20:00 AND 22:00 to 50:00 but stick around for about five extra minutes to 55:00 or so because they continue to chat about me after I've left.

I couldn't leave without sharing some art from issue 2! Shown in the image is James (wearing the gas mask), and Raymond, his younger brother. Grain makes new friends and we get further into the story. Hang in there everyone, I am working everyday to get this issue to you.

Have a safe and wonderful time. Take care --Mark

Issue #1 Available In Print & Digital

Grain And Eye of The Keeper Are The Ones





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