Good day Everyone!

How has 2020 been for you? I've seen a major shift in the paradigm of being, thinking, and doing. For some it has been a difficult transition, and for others, a reset of sorts, allowing us to learn and roll with the proverbial punches. The world is changing fast, and I've read that we won't recognize it in the next 10-20 years. So I say be true to yourself and focus on what makes you the best you. And I truly wish everyone well during these challenging times.

Grain is an interesting life form, in that he comes with an innocent mindset. He retains his passion to help others, despite learning about his past, and dealing with the complexities of war.

With the war being over at the end of issue one, we're headed into new territory, with new characters, and new situations. That means Grain has to power up for what he will deal with next. With the world today, we're leveling up as well, learning and changing, adapting to a new status quo, or one that changes frequently. Grain might have some control of his abilities, but he's still unaware of his potential. Until a specific situation comes along, we might not know what we're capable of. It's easy to be comfortable in the various bubbles we choose for ourselves. In that respect, Grain might be stepping out of his bubble more often. Where would he go without it? Would he lose track of time and forget about it? Without it's protective layers, and defense mechanisms, can Grain survive on his own? I think these questions apply to our current climates as well. So maybe 2020 was about breaking the molds, rebuilding our outlook, and having stronger connections and more malleable bubbles, to shift direction as required. 

Therefore 2021 might allow us to be more unexpected in our approach, perhaps stronger, more care free. Grain is much of that and he'll absorb what comes at him every single day. He's just a kid, no parents, and nothing but the world to impress upon his view. But somewhere deep down, there's more than that. More that needs to be discovered, put out there, and solidified as a foundation.

Stay tuned friends. Grain issue two is being planned for an early 2021 Kickstarter. I might even switch over to, which is a more versatile platform, but essentially allows for better management of a crowdfunding campaign. I will keep you informed.


Did you spot Bubble in the above picture? This is a new setting further along the Cliff's of Dover. People are still recovering from WWII. Luckily Grain is here to help, once he's done napping, and done getting out of trouble.

Be safe and be well. --Mark

Issue #1 Available In Print & Digital