Grain is a little guy, standing at two feet tall. He's made up of a unique composition of sand, and he resides in a powerful bubble (affectionately know as Bubble). Wherever he goes, Bubble is right there with him. Little is known about both of them, but their arrival on Earth, specifically at the Cliff's of Dover, triggers a connection that can't be denied, and must be explored. Together they face the perils of World War II.

The first Kickstarter exceeded it's funding goal and allowed us to publish issue #1. The story is created and written by Mark Verma and illustrated by Roma Gewska.

Grain sees the world differently than us, and as he travels across the land, things are not as they seem. It's a story about an endearing character that's getting to know why he's on Earth and what he's supposed to do. This is a story made for people of all ages, families, and kids. Discover the wonder's of Grain's world and his unique journey today.

Grain Issue #1 Available In Print & Digital