Good Day Everyone,

We're several weeks over the halfway point of the year. How are you all doing? I hope everyone is faring well as the war with the spore continues. I certainly miss going to my nearest port and being by the water, so my backyard is my new favorite place to get out safely. The squirrels have made their home there, and the birds are always mapping out their next attack on our blueberry garden. It's still a bit of bliss I'd say.

Speaking of good things, an order recently came through from comic book creator and reviewer, Zak Webber. Naturally, Zak is curious about where Grain is headed, as I'm sure you are too!

Here's what Zak had to say:

Grain #1 is the self-published creation of writer Mark Verma and artist Roma Gewska of BamZap comics. It's a colourful glossy 24 pages of surreal, poetic mystery.

A cute little humanoid in an iridescent bubble floats around the ravaged landscape of a war-struck English town, not knowing who he is or why he is there. Searching for answers he is haunted and mocked by manifestations of the evils of human conflict.

There are lots of questions and very few answers in this first issue, but gradually a vague image starts to crystallise... Themes of personal transformation, a shattering trauma that leaves a childhood in scattered pieces. Does our hero have the skill to fit the pieces back together again? And if he does, what picture will they reveal?

After reading this I was in two minds about writing a review because it is not clear that this is science fiction. Is this fellow an alien? An elf? Or just a metaphor with big cute anime-like eyes? I opted to go with the ride, though. This story is definitely a mystery and our protagonist displays some reality-defying abilities.

The artwork is hokey toon style but the themes are mature and a little dark, which is a jarring contrast... but in a good way. Is this a cheesy Disney-esque yarn? Or a subversive political drama playing tricks with the readers' expectations?

The colours are gorgeous and the images dream-like with relentless bursts of activity and energy that the panels cannot contain. It sets a dizzying pace with no clear destination in sight... A magical mystery ride to... Where???

I still don't know what to make of it, but it has definitely made an impression on me and I will be keeping an eye on this one...

The review is also posted at this link:

Zak, thank you for diving into Grain and writing words to peak other people's curiosity as well!

One of the points that stands out from Zak is that Grain might be a sci-fi story. The more I write Grain, I can say that sci-fi components are a possibility. We've got a mysterious arrival from outer-space, a bubble with unique electrical based powers, and a thing possibly happening with reality itself. I'm looking forward to revealing more as Grain's introductory story continues.

Stay safe and be well!


Issue #1 Available In Print & Digital